We're Definitely From Around Here


That's one of our seeding outfits up top. You see, FieldAlytics Canada COO Wilson Johnston and I (CEO Devin Dubois) grew up in the heart of the Canadian prairies near Rosetown, Saskatchewan. In fact, we never really left agriculture and we're still actively involved in farming, agronomy, ag equipment and every nature of ag production technology. In fact, Wilson has been using FieldAlytics for years... even before it was FieldAlytics.

We're definitely not Silicon Valley (although we hear it's very nice) and we've got no venture capital (we've heard that's also nice). We're just two prairie kids with a strong, versatile and proven tool for digital management of ag production. We've used FieldAlytics for years, in the field... ourselves. It works. And we're here, in Canada, with you, to help you put it to use in your ag production channels.