What exactly does the FieldAlytics software platform do for Ag Production?

  1. Eats, stores and layers all your geospatial data, from electroconductivity maps and topography, to satellite imagery and yield files.
  2. Provides powerful but flexible zone-creation and fertility management tools to develop customized plans for your fields.
  3. Turns your as-applied activity and fertility formulas into financial data for a virtually automated production and financial planning for each field and farm.
  4. Manages your people and equipment with integrated work flow functions, including mobile apps that track and record movement of people and equipment, field scouting events and any other activities you wish to direct or capture through work orders, jobs and recommendations.
  5. Delivers current climate conditions, and historical climate activity on a field-by-field basis.
  6. Connects directly to John Deere's Operations Centre, Raven Slingshot, Farmobile and virtually every other wireless data transfer service in agriculture.
  7. Manages every element of agricultural production.